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SPC Middle School Poetry – Wonder by R.J. Palacio Inspired


My Wonder Poem

By Elecia Stevenson

       I wonder about when the world will end.

How will it end? Will it end in fire or water?

Hopefully I’ll be dead, because it sounds scary.

But, I don’t even know if it will end.

       I wonder about what will happen in the future.

Will everything be silver or will people get robot butlers?

Will there be flying cars and rocket shoes?

Will the schools be in the air or will everyone be dead?


I wonder why God chose to make Earth.

Was he just bored and wanted to do something?

How did God come? Did he just make himself?

Did God have parents or did he just create himself?


I wonder what I will become.

Will I be successful or not?

Will I be remembered for greatness or failure?

What kind of job will I have?

I wonder what other people are wondering

Are they wondering the same thing I’m wondering?

Are they feeling the same way I’m feeling?



I wonder…


I think beautiful is……

by Anari Anderson

Beautiful to me is waking up everday and seeing my mom and my sister – the joys of my life

Beautiful to me is seeing the sun and hearing the birds sing to the happiness of your life


Beautiful to me is being your own self, and not trying to impress anyone that will talk about you like its nothing

Beautiful to me is seeing the joy in people’s eyes and they start to sparkle just like they should,

because your eyes are just so pretty


Beautiful to me is seeing night and day, and to see the star’s shining high in the sky,

just like a diamond in the sky


Beautiful to me is when I see happiness when I walk in the halls of St.Peter Claver,

and it makes me happy to see everyone is having a great day


Beautiful to me is having my baby cousin’s say their first words,

and start to walk and learn how to count to ten


Beautiful to me is making people laugh or hear them laughing,

and having the time of their lives along with others


Beautiful to me is having fun and exploring,

to see different things in life and you just might like what you see


Beautiful to me is knowing that God is with you ,

and knowing that he will never go away from your side



For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness;

and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. 

Audrey Hepburn


I think beautiful is…

Jazz Davis

Beautiful to me is when someone thinks they’re beautiful

Beautiful is different and abnormal

Beautiful to me is when my guinea pigs come up to me

When my sisters, Mom, and Dad say they love me

Beautiful to me is when people get help in the world

People and animals get saved

Beautiful to me is when I get good grades

And get acknowledged for what I did

Beautiful to me is the way a person acts,

Not the way they look

Beautiful to me is me my family and friends having fun,

And making memories

Beautiful to me is when someone acts like their self

Not someone they’re not

Beautiful is forgiving someone when you know they hurt you

But forgiving won’t hurt at all

Beautiful is what some people are in this world

So, don’t think you’re ugly – in reality, you are beautiful

Beautiful is what I can be,

and choose to be the right kind of beautiful.


I think beautiful is…

by Tala Fondungallah

I think beautiful is..

not only seen in the eye,

beauty is sometimes seen inside

 beauty is a place that you can have pride

a person with real beauty doesn’t show it

a person with beauty doesn’t know it

beauty is not a fashionable pose

beauty is not fancy clothes (maybe sometimes I suppose)

beauty is passion, not fashion

beauty is love and it should always be rationed

beauty is what beats in the heart

having beauty is an art



I think beautiful is…

by Jerea Morgan

I think beautiful is someone giving money to the homeless.

I think beautiful is working for the food shelter.


I think beautiful is sitting with someone who no one likes.

I think beautiful is making friends with someone with no friends.


I think beautiful is music, art, and drama

I think beautiful is basketball, football, and soccer.


I think beautiful is August, Via, Mom and Dad

I think beautiful is one of a kind.


I think beautiful is standing up for what you believe in

I think beautiful is sticking up for someone who’s down.


I think beautiful is laughing and having fun

I think beautiful is when you can do whatever you want.


I think beautiful is common throughout the world

I think beautiful comes with smartness.

I think beautiful is living life with all you got

I think beautful is contageous.


I think beautiful is love, and laughter

I think beautiful is a smile.


I think beautiful is you

I think beautiful is beautiful!


My Sister

by Aaliyah Blakey

My sister is: loving, caring, kind, smart,

but that is not not all.

She is a steam of fire.

She is an intelligent, pretty little four year old.

She is fun to play with.

She has a great imagination.

When my sister was born, I was so happy.

Every night I’d pray to God for a little sister, and that prayer came true.

I’m so glad when she was finally here.

Ever since then, I’ve been happy that I have a wonderful sister. That is why I love, HER !

Photo on 2013-01-28 at 10.31 #2

Family And Friends

by Jerea Morgan

They’re closer than you think,

They’re near, but never far

They’d love you since the day you were born;

and they still love you now.

Your Mom is here forever and aim.

Tell her your secrets,

Tell her everything.

Fed and clothed with a signifcant name,

Your mom is here, forever and aim.

Your Dad’s your hero,

Infinity and beyond!

Adventures and Laughter- is all within.

Boys and Girls, Daughters and Sons?

Your Dad’s your hero,

Infinity and beyond!

Your Friends the best,

You call them what you want!

Your Sisters, Brothers, Even your Cousins!

No Matter where you go- they’re never away!

Your friends the best,

They’re here to stay!

Family matters,

It is all we need

Family’s kind

Friends are sweet!

They’re closer than you think,

They’re near, but never far

They’d love you since the day you were born;

and they still love you now. Friends & Family- Forever


Momma, Momma

by Leah Anderson

Momma, momma can’t you see,

me and you were meant to be?

God put me on this Earth to be with you.

Momma, don’t you know I love you?

You made me the girl I am today.

You taught me how to sing and play.

Oh no mom, please don’t cry.

We’re going to make it if we try.

All I want to do is make you proud.

To stand on stage and sing out loud.

I love you momma, forever and more.

Our love will stay until my children are born.

When they’re born, they’ll see the love you

that you will share with them,

you shared with me.

 Mom, I love you, please never forget.

When you pass and you’re long gone and far away.

I’ll remember the love you shared with me today.

I love you mom, and that’s all I have to say.

Momma, momma can’t you see,

me and you were meant to be?

God put me on this Earth to be with you.

Momma don’t you know I love you?


Flowers On Towers

 By Matthew Umoh

This world is full of mysteries,

every tree has his history.

What is your history?

The unseen is my history,

but also my difficulties.

This philosophy is as dead as

a broken tree.

Anything you want to be

is your key to a open

window of life.

If you’ve just arrived

you should learn to thrive.

If you are the one who wants to survive.

So that’s the real key

to what you want to be, because you have seen.

When I was a kid, I

wanted to be a clown

traveling from town to town.

Then I found this cat with a open wound

who was going to be sent to the pound,

so I helped him around to another town,

and I already started feeling like a clown.

Sticks and bricks aren’t as soft as licks,

but I can’t let those things put me down, because once I’m

on the ground I’ve found,

the ground is like

a map leading you out of town,

so this ground wouldn’t hurt so much.

Why does a mom protect a baby?

Why do bad people go to Hades?

Why do wolves have rabies?

Why do ladies like pink shadings?

I don’t know.

Ask someone else because

I’m fading.


This is one of my favorites from last year by-

Brandon Jackson

Best Seller

I’m like an open book

ready for some one to read me.

They judge me by my cover.

The world is like a library

filled with many different books.

I’m not ready to be checked out yet.

No one has checked this book out.

There are books like me , but no one

has the same cover like mine

I’m a good book, so get ready!

There’s no one rushing you,

so don’t worry, I can wait.

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  1. Great work…..

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