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Now is the Time For Running Board Games

This week the 8th graders are illustrating their knowledge of the plot of the novel, Now is the Time for Running, by creating a board game that is similar to the board game Candyland. The novel is a story of two boy’s journey from Zimbabwe to South Africa, and all the dangerous places and people they face. I thought a simple path board game that shows the specific cities and places they stay would help them follow the plot. There are many African names of characters and cities, so I thought this would help clarify the plot for them. They chose 3 people for their groups and are working with little interference from me. They have a rubric to follow, but the rest is on their own to figure out. It is hard for me to sit back and not help them, but I want to assess: how well they know the novel, what they perceive as the biggest dangers, how will they decide what different paths the players can choose, what are the consequences for choices.

The 6th grade students came today to play and score their experiences with the games.

Rubric: NowistheTimeforRunningRubricforBoardGame

image-74 image-75 image-76 image-77 image-78 image-79 image-80 image-81 image-82

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