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8th Grade Goes on the Light Rail and Looks for the Greasers and the Socials September 12th

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Our field trip was all about the Outsiders. They were each assigned to either be in the Socials or the Greasers based on an essay they wrote about what group they saw themselves in. Their assignment for the day was to see the world as either a Greaser or a Social and record their thoughts. We got on the light rail at University and Lexington and traveled to downtown Saint Paul. We traveled to the Ramsey County Court House to see the Vision of Peace Sculpture. We then journeyed on to the library, Xcel Center, and then had lunch at Cosetta’s. It was a wonderful afternoon full of a lot of fun and insights. I was very proud of the 8th grade and the way they handle their selves with such maturity and decorum.

Some observations:

From Jazz:

I’m gonna talk about how the Socs and the Greasers would adapt to where we went for our field trip. I feel that the Greasers neighborhood would be by our school. The Soc’s neighborhood would be Downtown St.Paul. I think Darry would work at O’Reilly. Cherry and Marcia would work at Cossetta’s. Dally would hang out at BP. Dally usually goes downtown to the courthouse because he stays in and out of trouble. Randy would work at the Excel Energy Center. Since I would be a Soc, I would want to work at a clothing store downtown. I would hang out in downtown.  I feel that none of the Greasers would fit in at St.Peter Claver, maybe some of the Socs. Ponyboy would love the library and so would I. The Greasers would probably take the green line if they didn’t have a car. Also, my favorite part of the field trip was when we went to the court house.


Darry the Greaser would be here and Sodapop would work here!
Johnnycake would be here with Pony and Dallas having ice cream at Dairy Queen!
On the 12th of Friday, I went on the Green Line to go to a Court House, a Library and etc.. I’m going to talk about how I felt in these places. In the Library, I felt silent and peaceful, a place to relax. In the Court House, I felt astonished by the museum and it’s statues. I would hang out at Excel Center because they have a lot of things to buy and I would go there, like one out of eight days. I would hang out at Cosseta’s like 4 days a week with their big slices of pizza. I think a Greaser would dislike Saint Peter Claver, because barely any of them go to school. I also think a Soc would like the Green Line, so they won’t have to use their cars to do something illegal. A Soc or a Greaser would hang out at Cosseta’s  and would probably have a mini rumble to decide who hangs out there. I think some Socs like Cherry would like the Library and Greasers like Ponyboy. I know Dallas will definitely go to the Court House to steal something, and a Soc like Bob will definitely vandalize something.



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