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8th Grade/2nd Grade Spelling bee Kickball

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Spelling Bee time again!

The 8th graders worked with the 2nd graders on their spelling bee words playing kickball. The second graders and their partners had to spell one of their words before kicking  the ball.

They had a great time and are looking forward to this friday afternoon!


spellingkickbball 044 spellingkickbball 062 spellingkickbball 061 spellingkickbball 060 spellingkickbball 059 spellingkickbball 058 spellingkickbball 055 spellingkickbball 056 spellingkickbball 057 spellingkickbball 054 spellingkickbball 053 spellingkickbball 052 spellingkickbball 051 spellingkickbball 050 spellingkickbball 049 spellingkickbball 047 spellingkickbball 046 spellingkickbball 045 spellingkickbball 044

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