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Lunch with Parents and our 8th Grade Spa

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On Wednesday, we had a fun day with our parents and our middle school. Ms. Carter planned a great day for the whole school, with an Easter egg hunt and a lunch with our student’s parents. Mr Green made a turkey dinner for lunch that was delicious and the cafeteria was decorated in festive motifs for the holidays. It was so fun to have the parents there, sharing in our great lunch.

The middle school had different room activities for the afternoon. 6th had a movie/7th had gaming/ and 8th grade had a spa/foosbal. Anari, Diamond, Shay, and Chanel worked hard painting nails,giving hand/foot massages, and making sure all the customers had a great time from 3-8th grade + parents! We also had a visit from Anastatia! She arrived from Florida for a visit on Tuesday and we asked her to join us on Wednesday for our party. It was so wonderful having her back with us.

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