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History ! SPC this is cool – This is my cousin, Tom Gibbons, the boxer, with Babe Ruth

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My cousin Tim just posted these pics. I think this is a sign from above that we need to have a baseball team!1234608_10203185047088183_490512844_n

tjg-mjg-3This is Tommy Gibbons and his brother Mike2dempseygibbons2

Tommy Gibbons
Saint Paul Heavyweight
Tommy Gibbons was born in Saint Paul on March 22, 1891, brother of Mike Gibbons,started boxing as a professional in 1911 as a middleweight. Like his brother he was a master scientific boxer who chose to outbox his opponents. He eventually grew into a heavyweight and with the added weight he developed a respectable punch.
His biggest fight came near the end of his career when he met heavyweight championJack Dempsey on July 4,1923 in Shelby, Montana. The local backers and the town of Shelby went broke putting on the fight. The great Dempsey was extended the full fifteen rounds by Tommy Gibbons before winning the decision. Tommy received only his expense money for the fight.
Tommy Gibbons record was 56-4-1 with 44 no decisions, and 1 no contest. He scored 48 knockouts, and was stoppedonly once by Gene Tunney on June 5, 1925. The names dotting his record read like boxing’s hall of fame. Tommyrecorded wins over George Chip, Willie Meehan, Billy Miske, Chuck Wiggins, Jack Bloomfield, and Kid Norfolk.
Tommy had no decision matches with George “K.O.” Brown, Billy Miske, Harry Greb, Battling Levinsky, Bob Roper, Chuck Wiggins, Georges Carpentier, and others. Only Harry Greb, Billy Miske, Jack Dempsey, and Gene Tunney were able to score wins over Tommy Gibbons.
After retirement Tommy Gibbons served for many years as the Sheriff of Ramsey County, of which Saint Paul is a part. He became a member of Boxing’s Hall of Fame in 1963, and was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1993.

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