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6th Grade’s Call of the Wild Gold Rush and Races

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The Sixth grade is reading, Jack London’s, The Call of the Wild. It is a great, powerful story that is full of complex themes and symbolism. It is not an easy read, but one that is important that our student’s have in the their portfolio of novels that they have read.

I try to make this classic book fun, by immersing the kids in the life of the  characters. Today we tasted what it would be like to be searching for gold. It is hard, frustrating, but SO exciting when you do strike it rich!

We also tried sled dog races, without the dogs. FUN! I think we had a great time and a big thank you to Shay, Chanel, Anari, and Diamond for hiding the gold! Very well done ladies!Call of the Wild 019 Call of the Wild 020 Call of the Wild 021 Call of the Wild 022 Call of the Wild 023 Call of the Wild 024 Call of the Wild 025 Call of the Wild 026 Call of the Wild 027 Call of the Wild 028 Call of the Wild 029 Call of the Wild 030

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