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8th grade Paints like Artist Chuck Close

Artist Chuck Close is an American Artist who practiced photorealism, before a spinal artery collapsed and left him paralyzed from the neck down. He regained some movement in his arms and continues to create art from his wheelchair using devices to hold his paintbrushes.

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The 8th grade tried to, “walk a mile in Chuck Close’s shoes”. First, they assembled chairs, paints, water, and paper in the hallway. Then, I taped on paintbrushes affixed to rulers and they began to create art.

Here are some photos and comments from the kids:

DSC_0771 DSC_0780


1. I learned that it was hard to paint with the paint brushes like this.
2. I learned that it is not nice to make fun of somebody with a disorder or injury.
3. I learned that with a disorder or injury what ever you do, you can achieve it.
4. I learned that don’t make fun of somebody, because it can hurt them.
5. I learned that love comes in different ways.


 Things I learned about the Art Project

I learned that it is very hard to paint with basically no hands. It is very complicated and annoying. I wonder how he feels when he paints…

Another thing I learned about painting with a ruler/paint brush is that it kind of hurts my hands, because when I try to do little spectacles on the picture it just hurts, because your concentrating hard.

Other than that, it was very fun drawing people.

Another that was very irritating was that we couldn’t get out the seat which is very complicated because I had some problems that I needed to attend to.

I loved the project and it was fun just seeing what other people were painting.

DSC_0765 DSC_0768 DSC_0778

Anari: I learned that it’s not always going to be easy to do things with a disability, but they always try to do it even though they can’t. It’s hard for them to paint or to draw, but the one thing I know is to never give up, just keep trying.


DSC_0769 DSC_0776Hanneef:  I learned that it is hard to do paintings when you are disabled because you cannot move physically without help. Also, that means you will need people to help you make your art. So, you need to be nice to be people to be successful in your painting career. That’s what I learned from my experiment while painting with brushes stuck to my hands.


Marcus: 1. I learned that it’s not easy being still for a long time. Also, it’s hard to add detail with only your arms, not your hands.

2. I learned that you have to be happy you have working arms and legs. Also, that you need to be thankful for everything you have.

3. I also learned that you have to stay seated so things don’t get messed up.


DSC_0760 DSC_0763


Chanel: Today I learned about the painter, Chuck Close. Chuck is a very talented artist. Chuck’s spinal artery collapsed and he is still paralyzed from the neck down. Chuck is known to be strong and to never give up. Nothing can stand in the way of Chuck Close painting!DSC_0764

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8th Grade: Lord of the Flies-Piggy’s glasses

Could we start a fire with just glasses as the survivors of Golding’s, Lord of the Flies did? We divided into 3 teams and set out to try. We used magnifying glasses to represent Piggy’s glasses, and each team then went out to find twigs.

We all met in the alley and I gave them some newspapers to represent leaves, since we were not in the tropics and we had snow cover. They then set upon trying to make it ignite.

They had some whiffs of smoke, and almost a start, but no true flame strong enough for a fire. I did talk about the sun’s distance being a factor. It might seem to be a warm day, but we’re use to 20 degrees being a decent day!

Great experience!

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History ! SPC this is cool – This is my cousin, Tom Gibbons, the boxer, with Babe Ruth

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My cousin Tim just posted these pics. I think this is a sign from above that we need to have a baseball team!1234608_10203185047088183_490512844_n

tjg-mjg-3This is Tommy Gibbons and his brother Mike2dempseygibbons2

Tommy Gibbons
Saint Paul Heavyweight
Tommy Gibbons was born in Saint Paul on March 22, 1891, brother of Mike Gibbons,started boxing as a professional in 1911 as a middleweight. Like his brother he was a master scientific boxer who chose to outbox his opponents. He eventually grew into a heavyweight and with the added weight he developed a respectable punch.
His biggest fight came near the end of his career when he met heavyweight championJack Dempsey on July 4,1923 in Shelby, Montana. The local backers and the town of Shelby went broke putting on the fight. The great Dempsey was extended the full fifteen rounds by Tommy Gibbons before winning the decision. Tommy received only his expense money for the fight.
Tommy Gibbons record was 56-4-1 with 44 no decisions, and 1 no contest. He scored 48 knockouts, and was stoppedonly once by Gene Tunney on June 5, 1925. The names dotting his record read like boxing’s hall of fame. Tommyrecorded wins over George Chip, Willie Meehan, Billy Miske, Chuck Wiggins, Jack Bloomfield, and Kid Norfolk.
Tommy had no decision matches with George “K.O.” Brown, Billy Miske, Harry Greb, Battling Levinsky, Bob Roper, Chuck Wiggins, Georges Carpentier, and others. Only Harry Greb, Billy Miske, Jack Dempsey, and Gene Tunney were able to score wins over Tommy Gibbons.
After retirement Tommy Gibbons served for many years as the Sheriff of Ramsey County, of which Saint Paul is a part. He became a member of Boxing’s Hall of Fame in 1963, and was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1993.

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CAA Class A 8th Grade Champions!!!

So proud of Mr. Miller and the boys!!! What a wonder they are. Those boys have been a part of 4 championships!!!! Mr. Miller and the boys are an amazing chemistry of perfection.

There are more than 200 pics that were taken, and I will try to post all. Please check out the Alumni page too for great pictures from our night.

I personally couldn’t of been prouder of our team and fans. Saint Peter Claver is a beautiful family to be a part of, and I am grateful to call it my own.


DSC_0491 DSC_0498 DSC_0514 DSC_0515DSC_0533 DSC_0555 DSC_0562 DSC_0569 DSC_0578 DSC_0604 DSC_0640 DSC_0656 DSC_0698