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The Bluest Eye at CDH

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Oh, have I never been prouder of my SPC kids! You have to know I cried through most of this play, because I felt as deeply as they did in those parts. I always knew they were talented, but…WOW, so powerful and amazing. Roxanna, what a beautiful job you did telling the story as assistant director. My 6th grade contained classroom will always have my heart, because they are a huge part of me -Dorothy, Maia,  and Blessing will always be my girls. They were always dramatic, and have found their place. Teriq, you have the voice of an angel. Such a hard story, but what a powerful message you delivered! Maya, you are a force to be reckoned with, so powerful and strong. I am always proud that we share our name.

I loved that Chanel, Cameron, Josh, Emmanuel, Iyana, and then Brandon and Isaiah Agnew came and helped chaperone. The Carters, Whites, Ms. Sims, and Mrs. Coleman were all in the house. I am so sorry that Aaliyah and Jerea could not get in, because of the sold out status of the show.

My students will always fill me with such joy, you all never disappoint!

Bluest eye 050

Roxanna Lozoya – Assistant Director

Bluest eye 052

What a powerful group of young minds!

Bluest eye 053 Bluest eye 054

After the play, we went to RanHam/Nook and bowled, ate, and enjoyed each other’s company.Bluest eye 055 Bluest eye 056 Bluest eye 057 Bluest eye 058 Bluest eye 059Hard to say good-bye, but we will be in touch soon. Claver is a wonderful family, that I am so lucky to be a part of!

XXOO Mrs. Clark

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