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Valentine’s Day at Como Zoo

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I had a great time with the 8th grade at Como. This is a wonderful community, that really cares about the animals , visitors, and the city of Saint Paul. I love volunteering here. It is an incredible place!feb 013

A beautiful 8th grade class!feb 014


feb 015

My ladies love their pics!feb 016

Sweet!feb 017 feb 018 feb 019


feb 020

Like an angel!feb 022 feb 023feb 025

I wanted to use this for graduation, but I wanted all smiles!feb 026

Shyfeb 028 feb 029

This is the monkey that Dorrell was mean to, and showed him a thing or two. Hmm, I hope we learned not to be mean to my animal friends!feb 030

Run to bay giraffe Rosie!feb 031 feb 032 feb 033 feb 034Those phones, those phones…but I hope they got the pics for their next project!

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