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Graphic Design – 8th Grade CD Covers

The 8th grade compared Romeo and Juliet to, The Outsiders. They studied the similarities and looked at the societal classifications of people. Armed with  the story, symbols, and themes of love and hate, they set to work to create a soundtrack Cd that they would design if they were in charge.

The results were awesome!

Great song selections and eye catching design.

Here are a few.

By Chanel

chanel Romeo and Juliet

By Diamond

romeo and juilet  Diamondcover

By Anari

anari romeo

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Movie Night and 7th/4th grade Making Art!

november10 1039

Anari and Diamond working the concession stand at our movie night. Wonderful customers!




november10 1029

Warren and Omarius working on their banners for our collaborative project. The 7th grade has been working with the 4th grade for the  last couple weeks and it has been a lot of fun. I so enjoy their teacher, Ms. Annetta and getting to know all the young men of 4th grade.

november10 1030 november10 1031 november10 1032